The VCL is an association of lawyers and judges whose members share strong misgivings about the wisdom and consequences of America’s perpetual drug war. While favoring no specific drug control policies, the VCL seeks to promote, within and by the legal profession, informed discussion about the objectives of the drug war and its costs to our cherished institutions of liberty and justice. This is the view of one of our founders, former United States Attorney General, Elliot Richardson.

The VCL is modeled after a group of the same name which played a leading role in the repeal of the 18th Amendment in 1933. VCL members see in modern drug prohibition many of the same harmful and unintended consequences associated with alcohol prohibition. Like our predecessors, we seek to work quietly through bar association committees, encouraging study and discussion of drug policy, especially its impact on criminal justice and Constitutional law.

Please browse the rest of this site and sign the open letter from lawyers and judges, and urge your colleagues to do the same. We hope you will lend your support and participation.

Thank you.

Eric E. Sterling